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IUC-PG Member List
(updated 2/19/2024)

How to Contact IUC-PG:

General inquiries can be sent to:
Phone: 614-292-4245

Mailing Address:
Attn: Inter-University Council Purchasing Group
10 W. Broad St, Suite 450
Columbus, OH 43215

IUC-PG Chair (2024)
Kristina Rhine, Bowling Green State University

IUC-PG Staff
Megan Leone, Operations Manager

Jennifer March-Wackers, Executive Director

Katie Overholser, Strategic Procurement Manager


Note:  If you are a supplier looking for information in regards to an ionWave bid from Ohio University or Miami University, you should contact the individual named in the RFP document.

Map of IUC-PG Member Institutions