IUC Collaborative Initiatives Summit

2024 IUC Collaborative Initiatives Summit

September 24, 2024


Thank you to everyone who attended last year's IUC Shared Services Summit! We hope the event was a great chance for you to connect with your peers from across the state.

The IUC Shared Services Summit brings together members of the various IUC Committees and stakeholders in our shared services programs for an opportunity to discuss benefits of the IUC shared services programs, create awareness of current contracts, and identify opportunities to carry our vision of shared services forward.



2023 IUC Shared Services Summit Materials:

IUC Shared Services Summit Agenda 2023


Please see information below regarding the 2023 Summit Presentations:


Featured Presentation: Anticipating Change in Higher Education - Shared Services as a Strategic Tool

Kurt Dorschel, Higher Education Consulting Senior Director, Huron Consulting


Shared Services Highlight: Cybersecurity Tenable Pilot with OARnet

David Ginn, Deputy Chief Relationship Officer, OARnet

Denis Walsh, Chief Relationship Officer, OARnet


Shared Services Highlight: Why eProcurement, Why Now?

Cathy Boyd, eProcurement Executive Advisor, E&I Cooperative Services


Shared Services Highlight: Recruitment and Retention Strategies


Kurt Dorschel, Higher Education Consulting Senior Director, Huron Consulting


Rosalyn Donaldson, M.S. Ed., Director of IT Training Services & ACT Program Manager, Youngstown State University

Jim Yukech, CIO, Youngstown State University