Important Information

As bids will only be collected electronically through DocuSign, unless noted, we will no longer accept email, fax, paper or jump-drive/CD submissions. This includes forgotten supplemental or ancillary materials.

The IUC-PG is not responsible for ensuring each company receives RFP copies and corresponding documents. Return to the "RFPs / Solicitations" page often for updated information as due dates and response material can change, and addenda might be posted.

DocuSign time stamps upon clicking "FINISH" for submission. The DocuSign "Certificate of Completion" signed timestamp is the official and legal time submitted. If the signed date and time is after the given due date and time, the proposal will be rejected.  This includes beginning the Docusign process prior to the RFP response deadline, however signing and lapsing the official due time.

All documents pertaining to the active RFPs are provided within its corresponding RFP number on the RFPs / solicitations page. Ancillary or important supplemental forms may be added later than RFP Issue Date; check this website often for updates. If the document is unavailable for download, please send a request to with the associated email address, company name, and the requested RFP number.

If an RFP requests pricing using a spreadsheet, please include a PDF copy with your DcouSign submission and email an Excel-based file of the spreadsheet to Excel spreadsheets are the only supplemental documents that may be emailed directly to IUC-PG - all other documents should be submitted via DocuSign.

NOTE: DocuSign limits bid submissions to 25MB and/or 2,000 pages total. This is the maximum file size for the entire submission, including the RFP forms and documents as well as suppliers' attachments.

More information pertaining to security and legality can be found at the DocuSign website. The website includes additional demonstration videos and "How-to" articles are available.