IUC-PG Professional Development Scholarships

The ideas, best practices, tools, and business contacts gained from professional development save time and money while putting procurement functions at our member institutions on the leading edge of strategic procurement. In order to extend the benefits of professional development to those individuals who are employed by IUC-PG member institutions who cannot attend conferences due to budgetary constraints, IUC-PG has established a professional development scholarship program.

Program Summary:

The scholarships may be utilized for conference registration fees, hotel charges, and airfare.  Scholarships will be available to active IUC-PG members to cover the conference expenses that their school cannot afford due to budgetary constraints.

Funds are released once per year per school with a maximum of $5,000 per school on a first-come-first-served basis. Total funds available will vary from year to year depending on unallocated IUC-PG contract administrative fee funds from the previous year. If funds are not requested during the specified period, the school will forfeit the opportunity for the scholarship money.

Here’s how it works:

  • The professional development scholarship application must be completed and signed by the IUC-PG member institution’s procurement officer. The application must be submitted to the IUC-PG via email (info@iucpg.com) no later than one month prior to the proposed event.
  • Once submitted, the IUC-PG Executive Committee will review the application and determine if this request is approved. Scholarship preference will be given to those IUC-PG member institutions that actively participate in IUC-PG contracts.
  • If approved, the applicant and procurement officer will be notified and payments will be made via EFT to the IUC-PG member institution. No payments will be made directly to the attendee. Please contact IUC-PG if you are unsure if your school has an EFT set up.

Visit the NIGP and NAEP websites for full lists of virtual and in-person course offerings. 

Scholarship Application Form