Vendor instructions for registration…

To all IUC-PG registered (active) Vendors:

  • Please remember to select your BID CATEGORIES.

This email is being used to notify you that the IUC-PG has created a new website and any vendor wishing to remain registered on the IUC-PG site will need to re-register starting on May 1, 2013.

Vendors will be able to view the new website without registering but will NOT receive automatic email notices of applicable RFP/BID opportunities unless the vendor is registered on the new site.

All vendors who re-register will be sent email notices whenever a new RFP/Bid that meets one of the product categories they have selected.

To register on the new IUC-PG website, vendors should follow the instructions as shown below:

1)      Go to , on or after May 1, 2013

2)      Go to the Home page

3)      Go to the Login section at the top right of the page

4)      Click on “Not a member? Register here

5)      Complete all required sections.  Remember to select all applicable bid categories that you are interested in.  You must enter a Username and Password.

Note:  If you are a certified State of Ohio MBE, EDGE or WBE vendor, please check the

appropriate box.

6)      Click on the Register key.

7)      You will be sent a follow-up email informing you that your registration has been completed.

8)      If you should have any questions, please call Mr. Gene Stephens at (330) 968-4460.

Thank you.  The IUC-PG appreciates your participation in this process.