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Available Bid Categories
Metal solids
Fabrics, Textiles and Fiber Industry Material
Chemicals, Bio Chemicals, & Gas Materials
Chemicals including Bio Chemicals and Gas Materials
Elements and gases
Paper products
Printing and writing paper
Tickets or ticket rolls
Business letterhead paper
Agricultural Machinery & Repair Access. (Land & Landscape)
Optical industry machinery and equipment and supplies
Welding and soldering and brazing machinery and accessories and supplies
Material Handling, Packing/Packaging & Accessories
Casks and barrels and drums
Motor vehicles
Marine craft systems and subassemblies
Aircraft equipment
Tools & General Machinery (Non-Heavy Construction)
Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies
Paints, Primers, Finishes & Painting Splys.
Electronic Components and Supplies
Satellite digital audio radio service integrated circuit
Electrical equipment and components and supplies
Air conditioners
Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment
Laboratory and scientific equipment
Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies
Veterinary Equipment & Supplies
Dental equipment and supplies
IT: Network &Telecommunciation Equip. (including data/cell phones)
Computer Equipment and Accessories
Radio frequency data communication equipment
IT: Research/Academic Software & Licensing (include apps)
Office machines and their supplies and accessories
Mailing supplies
Standard envelopes
Fastening supplies
Microfilm equipment and supplies
Photographic, Filming, Video Equipment
Defense and Law Enforcement and Security and Safety Equipment and Supplies
Traffic control
Locks, Security Hardware, & Accessories
Fire Protection
Water & Waste Water Treatment
Janitorial Equipment
Vending machines
Sports and Recreational Equipment and Supplies & Accessories
Food Beverage and Tobacco Products
Drugs & Pharmaceutical Products
Floor Coverings & Carpet
Window Treatments
Domestic appliances
Domestic dishes and servingware and storage containers
Audio visual equipment accessories
Clothing, Uniforms
Athletic wear
Sewing supplies and accessories
Signage and Signage Installation & Equipment
Flags or accessories
Furniture & Furnishings
School supply set or kit
Arts and crafts equipment and accessories and supplies
Public artwork
Picture framing
Musical instruments
Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Contracting Services
Building, Construction, Maintenance Services
Building and facility maintenance and repair services
Elevator Maintenance Services
Fire protection system and equipment maintenance or repair service
Plumbing system maintenance or repair
Pest Control Services
Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning Services
Painting & Paper Hanging Services
Flooring Installation & Repair Service
Highway and road construction services
Heating and cooling and air conditioning HVAC installation and maintenance service
Electrical system services
Energy management controls installation service
Building mover service
Meat and poultry and seafood processing
Power plant boilers manufacture services
Electronic computers or data processing equipment manufacture services
Asbestos removal or encapsulation
Cleaning & Janitorial Services
Fabric and furniture cleaning services
Refuse Collection & Disposal
Postal and small parcel and courier services
Vehicle rental
Vehicle maintenance and repair services
Business and corporate management consultation services
Risk management consultation service
Human resources consulting service
Actuarial consulting services
Temporary personnel services
Temporary medical staffing needs
Legal Services
Lease and rental of property or building
Portable toilet rental service
Real estate appraisal and valuation service
Talent or entertainment
Conference/Webinar Fees & Registration
Public relations and professional communications services
Professional engineering services
Architectural engineering
Energy or utility consulting service
Acoustics or noise control
Data communication equipment or platform rental or leasing service
Video production services
Theatrical set design, property and costume services
Television Services (including Cable)
Financial & Insurance Services
Accounting services
Education & Training Services & Certifications
Distance learning services
Travel and Food and Lodging and Entertainment Services
Banquet and catering services
Hotels and lodging and meeting facilities
Chartering services
Motion pictures
Laundry services
Security & Personal Safety Services
Membership Dues
Prefabricated buildings and structures
Royalty Payments
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